Audio System

AVL designs audio system with certified and standardized innovative technologies to ensure the best quality for the overall audio system.

Lighting System

AVL designs lighting systems in such a way that balances all the lighting illumination with respect to all the elements aiming to create suitable brightness. AVL also aligns lighting design with the interior design and responds to various needs and usage patterns in a comprehensive way.

Video System

AVL designs video system to enhance the overall room’s usage potential while responds to various needs and operational patterns in a comprehensive way. The design supports the organization’s presentation and decision-making process, which are essential in modern conference rooms. AVL carefully deploys innovative technology in image resolution, screen sizing, viewing angle, aspect ratio, and types of video signals, to ensure the best possible quality of its video system within the room.


Design Input Analysis

Involves the process of receiving client’s requirements, and analyzing the needs associated with the operations to meet the client’s ways of working.

Concept Design

Create ideas and design cues that meet the objectives and requirements of the clients.

Design Review

Review and validate designs with the clients to reaffirm their requirements.

Design Change

Implement design control changes in order to increase client’s confidence in the changes made.