AVL was the designer of the conference rooms of headquarter and convention hall [PS1] of CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (CAT). The buildings were designed to be a modern, yet energy-saving to harmonize new technologies with the organization’s identity which is continuously driving the economy, society, and the environment at large.

Designing a conference room for the headquarter building

AVL managed the interior design and decoration for the following rooms of the CAT headquarter building: conference room, meeting management room, war room, meeting room, and board room. AVL implemented a cutting-edge audiovisual system which smoothly blended in with the interior design, reflecting the CAT’s identities for each room.

Conference Room

AVL designed the interior of each room differently according to the size and purposes. All the lighting, audio, video system, and interior decoration together express the identity of the company in detail. For example, walls and chairs are in orange to reflect its corporate color and the ceiling was designed with dimensional lightings to help reflecting the modernity which is one of CAT’s corporate characteristics.

Image: Conference room 89 seats
Image: Conference room 67 seats
Image: Conference room 67 seats
Image: Conference room 29 seats
Image: Conference room 21 seats

Meeting Room Management (MRM) room

AVL designed the MRM room with an emphasis on advance sub-systems and equipment to ensure that the overall controlling of the conference rooms’ AV system is simple and convenient for the officers.

Image: Meeting room management system
Image: MRM Room


The War room was designed to support the meeting of the management team. Lighting, audio, video, and communication system can be connected to various sources with a simple controlling system that can be managed with minimal effort.

Image:  War room

Meeting Room

AVL designed the interior mood and tone of the meeting rooms to demonstrate the identity of a modern organization through the line decoration on the wall and the style of the chairs. The AV system also meets the international standards, together with the engineering of noise calculation, the room fully caters for an effective meeting in any demanding situation.

Image:  Meeting room

Board Room

AVL designed the board room based on the arts and science to make sure that the room meets the needs of the management meeting. The interior design employs a modern style with minimal but luxurious materials reflecting the image of a technological leader.

Image: Board Room

Convention Hall

AVL designed the auditorium and the multi-purpose room with a cutting-edge AV system to enhance meetings and a variety of activities.


AVL designed the auditorium to have a 300-seat capacity and has equipped the space with modern AV systems and technologies. The interior design focused on minimal modern style with a curved wooden ceiling and acoustics-oriented design wall for an outstanding auditory result.

Image: Auditorium
Image: Auditorium controlling system
Image: Auditorium design

Multipurpose Room

The multipurpose room was designed to support a variety of activities. The room area is flexible and ready for any configuration. AVL designed and implemented an AV system that works in-conjunction with the acoustically-design wall to achieve an outstanding aesthetics of the interior design which mixed with the luxurious style of a chandelier and a bright color room painting. These elements, together, they help establish an exquisite and effective multipurpose room.

Image: Multipurpose room
Image: Wall design for the best sound environment