AVL designed AOT Auditorium to serve all the conference functions with a modernized interior design. The decoration focused mainly on geometric shapes such as square and stripe for ceiling and wall. On top of that, indirect light was also applied to fabricate the sky-like mood and brighten the room making attendees feel comfortable staying in the room. The chair position was also arranged as a curve to the center without any vision-block as the connected space for all-inclusive vision and airy feeling.

Along with the attractive interior, the acoustic system was also designed to prevent noise and echoes. As the room is located nearby an airport, the room by itself absorbs any potential noise during meetings.

Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT)
Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT)
Auditorium and Theatre
Acoustic Design,
Audio Visual Design,
Interior Design

Functionally, AVL designed the conference system by choosing modern lighting, sound, video, and audiovisual equipment to support activities in the room, which go along with the interior decoration. For example, the sound system that has the front speakers, the projector, and adjustable projection screen on the stage.