Grand conference hall of the Chitralada Technology Institute is a multipurpose room supporting diverse activities such as conference, banquet, training, workshop seminar, etc.

The interior design concept employs the contemporary style for a luxurious and minimal look, blending in with nature. The nature concept conveys through the wooden materials, while metal materials bring out modern mood and tone. The congruity brings about unique beauty. Besides beauty, functional is also crucial. The internal acoustic system is designed by using different levels of surfaces for the ceiling and wall to meet the standard value of the Reverberation Time and the Absorption Coefficient for the conference room.

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Meanwhile, the audiovisual (AV) system in the room is also designed to be compatible with different types of activities. The Audio Video Inlets are distributed evenly around the conference room which can connect to a projector and a large adjustable display on the stage. With this high coverage AV system, the activities in the conference room can be handled smoothly and effectively.