The MEA War Room was planned and designed to support the Network Operation Center (NOC), by splitting the area into 2 parts, namely; the Operation Center, and the War Room. Both rooms focus on modernity, convenience, and relaxation, to help reduce participant’s stress generated from intense meetings. The color tone (earth tone) was chosen to emulate nature and reflected the identity of the MEA through the color of the furniture and interior decoration of the conference room.

Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA)
Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA)
Command Control Room
Audio Visual Design,
Interior Design

In the design of the audiovisual system, AVL designed the system in order to respond to War Room meetings, with functions that support and integrate the operations and executive meetings through the use of Smart Glass technology. Modern NOC information supports data presentation to support real-time decision making by using Cube display technology in accordance with NOC room design standards.