The capacity of the multipurpose room of the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense is 720 m2. The area can be divided into two parts with special partitions well-preventing noise that is suitable for a variety of activities.

The design concept of this room was to adopt the Colonial exterior style for the interior decoration. This provides harmonious feeling and continuity as if there are some movements in the room. The highlighted point of the colonial-style is the stucco cornice with decorative molding pillars creating a robust and secured mood and tone. Louis curtain is installed between the span of each pillar to soften the mood and express luxurious elements that are vigorous, yet humble.

Office of The Permanent Secretary for Defence
Office of The Permanent Secretary for Defence
Multipurpose Room
720 m²
Audio Visual Design,
Acoustic Design,
Interior Design

There were three main systems implemented in the room as follows:

Acoustic system
The acoustic system blocks out the external noise with noise insulation and additional wall coverage. Any activity can be done inside with no external sound intrusion. The feedback echoing internally is also reduced to minimize any unpleasant sound in a highly strategic meeting.

Audiovisual system (AV system)
The AV system was designed for an effective usage with modern and high-efficacy technology. The system can simultaneously be used as two separate sets according to the functional space division.

Lighting system
The lighting system in the room was designed to support the lighting transformation according to the purpose of use with advanced technology, high quality, and energy-saving equipment. The lighting control system is also very easy to use