AVL has just recently upgraded the interior lighting system of Phanurangsee Room at the Ministry of Defense. In the lighting design, apart from the usages, the attractiveness also plays an integral part in the overall design process. Lighting systems must be consistent and harmonious with the interior architecture in order to add distinction while enhancing the identity of the room. The interior lighting system of the Phanurangsee Room which was renovated by AVL consisted of the following components;

City Hall of Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Defence
Board Room
Audio Visual Design,
Interior Design

Ambient Lighting

The lighting requirement in this section was intended to sufficiently provide illumination for the entire area. Therefore, the design required the use of embedded ceiling lamps with wide-angle light distribution in order to make the light spread evenly throughout the conference room.

Task lighting

Task lighting was designed for specific usages. For the Phanurangsee Conference Room, AVL stipulated that the light should be placed over the tables of the attendees in order to provide a well-lighted area for the participants in the meeting, such as meeting documents, etc. The chosen light was a recessed LED downlight embedded into the ceiling. This particular type of lamp can control the illumination area of the tables. As for the color temperature, AVL utilized daylight color tone to reduce chromatic aberration, making it possible to read documents continuously over an extended period of time without causing eye fatigue. In addition, a daylight tone also reduces any perceptions of heat dissipations allowing the participants to comfortably attend the meetings.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting or spotlights are lights that help emphasize the prominent areas of the room. They include post-illuminating lights, sculpture-illuminating lights, and/or other decorative pieces in the room. For the Phanurangsee Conference Room, AVL chose to install narrow-beamed spotlights and recessed adjustable downlights to beautify the installations and blend-in with the architecture.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting are lightings that are used to create attractiveness and provide accent to the room. To this effect, AVL used indirect lighting and supplemented that with LED ribbon lights, which emit a soft tone feeling and reduce bothersome reflective issues during meetings (i.e. light shining directly into participants).

Lamp Positioning

AVL’s plan was to position lamps based on “the luminance of lighting concepts”, and “rows of light”, by installing ceiling lights to provide a direct connection between the lights and the architectural structure by combining the beauty of the interior design with special lighting effects to create beautiful lighting for the conference room.

Lighting Controller

AVL has designed a lighting control system which can comprehensively control the brightness setting and the area of ​​illumination. The program is convenient to use as well as providing energy saving ability.