The MRM (Meeting Room Management) is designed to support the centralized management of all the room controls. It is suitable for organizations with multiple meeting rooms as it emphasizes efficient use of human resources. The system is able to real-time manage audiovisual equipment, lighting, and audiovisual systems, as well as automate the closing and opening of the meeting rooms in conjunction with the meeting room reservation system. This MRM system can also provide assistance to individual meeting room users through the Help Desk system, in addition to planning for the maintenance of audiovisual equipment and systems.

Command Control Room
Interior Design,
Audio Visual Design

On the aspect of the interior design, AVL put an emphasis on the modernity and a standardized Command Control Center operation, such as the positioning of the viewing angle of the display monitors, keyboard, complete with ergonomically-designed tables and chairs, air condition and air circulation system that supports 24 hours (24/7) of continuous operation.

With regards to the use of the Meeting Room Management, it was designed with innovative technologies, such as AV-over-IP and a high-definition AV system which produce highly detailed audio and images. It also contains a complete management system, such as meeting rooms reservation, presentation, recording of the meetings, automated closing/opening of meeting rooms, video conferencing systems, control and validation of the system’s operations and audio equipment. It also supports a notification system of when the maintenance cycle has been reached, a system maintenance plan, etc. All of the functions are directly linked to communication devices of the control staff, through smartphones and laptops to support the service. Meetings can be conducted based on the IoT, “Anything, Anytime, Anywhere” concept.