With the modern image of the PTT Innovation Institute, AVL designed the management conference with a mixture of modern and luxury items in a classic style by decorating the space with materials from nature. Unique wooden shade with the cream silky cloth cushion, which triggers a soft and tender mood. The ceiling was designed modernly by using shape and indirect white light that is hidden beneath the cloth to illuminate the room. Participants are able to see the screens from any angle of the room.

PTT - Research Institute and Technology (Wang Noi)
PTT - Research Institute and Technology
Conference Room
Audio Visual Design,
Interior Design

The conference system design is modernized through an audio system with a multi-media presentation together with the video system. The speaker locations allow sufficient sound coverage for the entire area. The presentation system can be done from the control room and the participants’ seats via inlets installed under the table for the convenience of presenters. Different sets of data can be presented through the projector and on the LED displays on both sides.

With the interior design of the meeting room by AVL’s experts, the room expresses a progressive and deluxe mood with highly effective functioning.