A modern single-story building is located at the front of the Natural gas separation plant Rayong, Map Ta Phut, Muang district, Rayong province. The exhibition is about the origin of the Natural gas separation plant in Rayong and the gas separation process. With cutting-edge technology, there are multimedia animations with interactive multi-touch self-learning presentation for visitors to learn with joy.


Map Ta Phu, Rayong
PTT Public Company Limited
Museum and Exhibition
Audio Visual Design,
Interior Design

The interior design and exhibition concept

The exhibition building was designed to be the learning center of natural gas and the Rayong natural gas separation plant operation. It integrates multiple different media which are modern and uniquely belong to the organization as an interactive museum under the intelligent presentation control system with energy-saving. The zones are as follows:

Lobby Hall

Lobby hall is the visitor greeting point, welcoming the visitor to take a journey through the exhibition area by digital signages with images and sound attracting visitors by its variety of media. The area is also used for temporary exhibitions and press conferences of the organization. The sound system is fully planned for such purposes.

Mini-theatre Introduction room

The reception room for presenting the history of Rayong natural gas separation plant operation and the royal grace of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great participating in the opening ceremony. The presentation format is in the new generation of video presentations by projecting on the electric motor screen operating together with the multimedia synchronizing controller and the 5.1 cinema sound system. The operation is automatic, working after the presentation ends. The electric motorized screen is automatically lifted at the entrance to the next zone.

Petroleum origination zone

The area presents the origination of petroleum and natural gas by telling the story of the natural gas source in the ocean and on land. Along with the separation plant with computer graphic animation through the interactive multimedia synchronized modeling Thailand’s map and the gas source location. The information displays automatically by pressing the switch panel, which is on the projection screen together with sound that is in-sync with the LED light display on the map for an engaging learning experience.

The Natural gas separation zone

This area is about the natural gas separation process presented by video graphic animation synchronized on an LED wall display operating in-sync with the lightbox. With the switch panel touch, the system runs itself together with the sound dome to control the sound area coverage and increase learning efficiency. Moreover, there is a multi-touch screen table in the form of a game for visitors to take a challenge on the knowledge of the gas separation process with multi-players function. This feature provides a fun and enjoying experience for the visitors.

Natural gas benefit zone

This zone represents the output and by-products of the natural gas separation plant and their utilization. The topic is presented by modern interactive presentation by using smart glass in combination with sensor detector. With a visitor in front of the exhibition cabinet, the smart-glass will transform from misty glass to a transparent and the internal space is also lid up immediately allowing the visitor to read information on the text panel and be able to clearly see the products made from natural gas inside.

Natural gas separation plant and environment zone

The area exhibits the story of the natural gas separation plant and environment by a playback of video of both images and sounds on an LED screen with a switch panel mechanism. Once the button is pressed the system automatically operates with sound dome to control the sound area coverage and increases the learning efficiency.

Hall of fame zone

The zone presents the history and important recognition of the plant by a playback of video of both images and sounds on an LED screen with a switch panel mechanism.