The Auditorium of Prince of Songkla University, Surat Thani Campus is a multipurpose conference hall designed to support various activities such as seminars, training, banquet, etc.

AVL has decided to go with the Contemporary style that is minimal, luxurious, and modern as the main artistic interior concept. The ceiling design is simple, airy, and flexible, which suits all activities in this multipurpose hall. The wall is painted in a wooden color to express natural mood and tone, and is also decorated with line patterns modernizing the room’s look and feel.

The reception hall and the walkway in front of the conference room were designed to harmonize with the interior design. The nature was also integrated into the decoration by creating a ventilation block along the walkway that can see the nature and external environment.

The interior decoration of the room emphasizes on an acoustic system that meet the standard Reverberation Time (RT60) and Absorption Coefficient according to the conference room design principles.

The Auditorium of Prince of Songkla University at Surat Thani Campus
Songkla University at Surat Thani Campus
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