The design of the CAT Telecom War Room was designed by AVL by applying modern styles that combined science and art seamlessly. Modern technology and furniture, as well as the selection of blue decorative lighting that reflected communication through the use of optical technology were used, combined with the use of orange lighting to reflect the identity of the organization.

CAT Telecom
CAT Telecom Public Company Limited
War Room
Acoustic Design

As for the conference room’s audiovisual system, AVL designed the system to support modern technology, with the use of a rear-projection high-performance projector (high-resolution & high-brightness) for a clearer, but a softer image that is comfortable to the eyes as per the design standards. The War Room was designed to possess an integrated control system that simplifies the operation of multiple integrated complex systems with just a touch of the fingertip. The room is also equipped with various display monitors to support the presentation of information in every dimension, which are the supporting elements for important decisions made from this particular War Room.