AVL always carefully integrates science and art into its design. This core corporate identity has been driving our work and helps maintain a workplace environment that nurtures creativity in a spontaneous manner, which is a constant source empowering all successful designs.

Our Company

AVL is a design company that specializes in audiovisual systems, including lighting, audio, video, and acoustics. We craft out our design with an emphasis on its usability along with the aesthetics that align with the interior design, while maintaining a fully functional audiovisual system that perfectly fits with the way our client’s organization operates.

If you believe that beauty can be functional, apart from being decorative, AVL can redesign and improve your organization’s space to its best. With our extensive portfolio, together with a team of professional engineers and specialized experts, we are ready to enhance the efficiency of your space and/or property and take it to the next level.

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Our Philosophy

We cherish the work quality and control the design process with quality teams while presenting creative and industry-proven systematic equipment, pushing the limits with the most-updated technologies and innovations in order to maximize the ROI of our client’s organization.

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