The design of the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense War Room was designed by AVL with a focus on the consistency with the building’s original classic style architecture. It was styled to be in combination with modern ergonomic furniture which enhances meeting conveniences as well as strengthens the identity of the Office. The design also creates a feeling of grandeur with a multi-leveled ceiling and hidden lighting in order to perceptively increase the height of the room. Every seat has an unobstructed view of the screen and was also installed with a raised carpeted floor to support the sophisticated system. The walls and door arches were adorned with classic cornices, which is consistent with the building’s original architecture. In addition to attractiveness, AVL has also taken the sound quality into consideration, by selecting materials with positive acoustic effects on both the external and internal surface of the wall, to produce a standardized distinct audio quality and to reduce external noises entering the room.


Office of The Permanent Secretary for Defence
Ministry of Defence
War Room
Acoustic Design,
Interior Design

The War Room, or also known as C4I among military circles, is used in strategic planning which requires a large amount of information. The audiovisual system is crucial for the War Room. AVL has applied the C4I concept to support War Room conferences effectively. Including in the design are the use of digital systems as the primary basis which includes audiovisual aids, optical systems, communication systems, a high-resolution multi-image screen that supports presenting images from multiple sources simultaneously, and an integrated control system that simplifies the function of the room by converting technology complexity to simplicity with just a touch of a button. Thus, the concept of user-friendly was utilized for the entire audiovisual system design of this War Room.